• • Research and fieldwork

    RESDAL carries out fieldwork as a way of deepening its knowledge of the situation that requires change, as well as its links with local actors. We are able to call upon an extensive network (with its members as the foundation) of professionals based in different countries, which act as researchers and consultants in their respective fields.

  • • Systematisation, analysis and dissemination of information

    The Network is in itself a resource and information centre on the subject. It has an innate capacity, due to the network of contacts that constitute it, for obtaining information, in addition to its expertise in systematising and presenting information in an attractive and dynamic form, and through this transforming information into practical knowledge, and enabling a greater dissemination.

  • • Production of tools

    that are concrete and innovative, and useful for research and decision-making. Our research is presented in publications that stand out for the originality with which they present the sets of issues that they cover.

  • • Generating dialogue between/with actors

    We promote dialogue and the exchanges of experiences between individuals, institutions and regions. We organise regional and international events that bring together government officials, parliamentary representatives, military officials, members of security forces, representatives of international organisations, academics, journalists and civil society organisations, from diverse countries. RESDAL’s proven ability to bring together such people is rooted in its reputation and institutional links.

  • • Placing central themes on the regional agenda

    We bring together experts and practitioners that, from their various positions, provide daily leadership in tackling the obstacles facing them. This characteristic places it a step ahead in dealing with the themes requiring attention in order to advance in the construction of a democratic environment, and through the different actions carried out by the Network these themes are incorporated onto the regional agenda and into regional debates.

  • • South-South cooperation

    We create bridges between sub-regions, bringing the Latin American experience to other zones in the world and working to advance cooperation between developing countries. Our unique character as a regional network in defence and security at the global level further brings the opportunity to share lessons learnt and improve practices in a form that is particularly useful for other regions.

  • • Training and education

    The objective of the different products and actions of the Network is to strengthen the capacity of civil society and state institutions that operate and play an important role in the field of security and defence. At the same time, it promotes the opening of spaces for the training of young professionals, promoting the inclusion of new generations in decision-making processes and debates.

  • • Advisory

    We provide assistance for specific activities at the request of state, regional and international institutions, frequently being called upon by the OAS and the United Nations. We support the growth of academic centres and civil society organisations, involving them in the Network’s activities.

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