With financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada through its Global Peace and Security Fund, RESDAL undertook a project for the Colombian National Army’s Transformation Command (COTEF), through its Center of Strategic Analysis for the Army of the Future (CAEEF). This involved developing an investigation to analyze the evolution in the roles and missions of the region’s armies in the face of different security contexts. The aim was to produce inputs that aid in transmitting the experiences of other Latin American countries to the transformation process undertaken by the Colombian Army, especially in relation to three themes:

- Public security - Risk management in cases of natural and manmade disasters - Gender perspective Nine case studies were chosen for this: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua. Researchers from each of these countries worked with a structured questionnaire to compile information and documents ( ), with these then provided to the Center of Strategic Analysis for the Army of the Future for their analysis.  

Meeting with members of Congress

A working breakfast was held with members of Congress in order to share the project and the regional experience with them, as well as promoting greater knowledge among members of Congress with respect to the Army’s Transformation Command and the Center. The President of the Chamber was present, together with representatives of the Defence Committees of both houses of Congress.