UN Headquarters  

Gender and the United Nations: The view from New York.


The promotion of gender in contexts of conflict resolution, peace-building, and sustainable development has a cross-cutting nature. Implementing gender promotion is not just a question of numbers. As a matter of fact the amount of women represented at national, international, UN and peacekeeping decision-making levels increased, yet the cornerstone of gender promotion is an integral understanding of gender equality. It is a far-reaching vision that considers the progressive interiorization of a gender perspective at both work and policy levels: from prevention and response to conflict-related sexual violence, to women’s engagement in mediation and peace-building, to improvement of women’s education opportunities, economic capacities and employment, and to the presence and role of female staff in UN system and peacekeeping operations.

All actors need to be involved, in a coordinated and responsible manner, in this process. Among them, there are specific actors that, at headquarter and field levels, lead the path towards gender promotion. Some of them directly dealing with the spectrum of security threats faced by women in conflict situations, some others in charge of ensuring overall coordination strategies. And all together stimulating all the other actors to be actively engaged in doing their part in women, peace and security framework.


This section presents the main actors involved in the women, peace and security framework in peacekeeping operations: their mandates, how they are organized and their interactions at headquarters and field missions levels.