Women in Police and Armed Forces 

With the motivation of reinforcing a gender perspective in the region’s security and defense institutions, we survey the incorporation of women in Latin American police and armed forces


Women in Police and Armed Forces


The incorporation of women within armed and police forces in the Latin American region was not a linear process. Each country developed its own strategy to open up military and police careers to women, yet generally speaking they all faced similar obstacles. Indeed, originally the participation of women in military life was limited to operational needs (covering vacant positions in specific historical contexts), and it is only with time that the concept of women in armed professions was increasingly adopted. At first their roles were confined to administration, sub-officers or specific activities such as nurses or doctors, yet in the 80ies, along with democratisation processes in many Latin American States, women started to be accepted at officers’ levels. This change is mainly related to the cultural change experienced in Latin American countries, with progress regarding the political, social and economic participation of women. However, each country of the Latin American region developed programs of incorporation of women in the armed and police forces in different ways, which are analysed in this section.



El espacio de las mujeres en las Fuerzas Armadas Sudamericanas, su

inserción profesional en el contexto regional y la cuestión de género