National Action Plans

Implementing the Women, Peace and Security framework at the national level.


The National Action Plans (NAPs) are guiding national policy documents to implement the Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 at National level of each Member State. Indeed, the implementation of the UNSCR 1325 is not only a responsibility of the UN, but also of national governments. For this reason, in 2004 the Security Council called for Member States to elaborate on and adopt National Action Plans or similar specific national strategies, in order to ensure the promotion of the UNSCR 1325. The National Action Plans, elaborated for each country by a set of institutional and civil society stakeholders, aim to identify priorities and coordinate actions to ensure gender mainstreaming in all internal and external policies of the State.


Not all Member States have elaborated National Action Plans, but during the last decade the number of adopted NAPs continued to grow, showing further commitment by National governments.


The world-map shows the Member States that  adopted National Action Plans. Click on the colored states to access the full National Action Plan PDF document.

RESDAL - RED de SEGURIDAD y DEFENSA de AMERICA LATINA - United Kingdom Switzerland Sweeden Spain Slovenia Serbia Republic of Macedonia Portugal Norway Netherlands Lithuania Italy Ireland Iceland Germany Georgia France Finland Estonia Denmark Croatia Bosnia Herzegovina Belgium Austria Iraq Philippines Nepal Kyrgyz Republic Australia Chile United States Canada Senegal Burundi Ivory Coast Democratic Republic of Congo Ghana Guinea-Bisáu Liberia Nigeria Rwanda Guinea Sierra Leona Uganda


Chronological adoption of NAPs by Member States


Norway, Sweden


Austria, Ivory Coast, Nethertlands, Spain, Switzerland

Finland, Iceland, Uganda

Belgium, Chile, Liberia, Portugal

Bosnia-Erzegovina, Democratic Republic of Congo, Canada, Estonia, France, Ghana, Italy, Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone

Burundi, Croatia, Georgia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ireland, Lithuania, Nepal, Senegal, Serbia, Slovienia, United Kingdom, United States of America


Australia, Germany


Kyrgyz Republic, Nigeria, Republic of Macedonia




National Action Plans under development: South Korea, Japan, Argentina, South Sudan, Jordan