In "Military and Civil Control in Venezuela" the parliamentary political debate is debated on the weakness of an effective civil control over the Armed Forces and the absence of military subordination to the civil power.


Syrian Refugges in Uruguay

Newsletter - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE)

Security and Defence Program


The PUCE's Newsletter has been published since 2003; it delivers articles and analysis on the security and defence trends in Ecuador.

World Humanitarian Summit


May 23-23 2016, Istanbul


The National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) and the University Institute for Democracy, Peace and Security (IUDPAS) through the National Observatory of Violence presents Annual Bulletin No. 40 Mortality and Others, edition January

December 2015.



La experta de Resdal, Samanta Kussrow, realizó una conferencia en Montevideo el pasado viernes 10 de abril en el marco del curso “Mujeres en el ámbito de las operaciones de paz”, organizado por la Escuela Nacional de Operaciones de Paz del Uruguay.

Evolution of homicides

in El Salvador


Growth, Democracy, and the Middle Class in Latin America

Do they save Costa Rica and Panama for no army?


Margaret Hayes is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University. She is also Vice President of Evidence Based Research, Inc. Dr. Hayes was formerly a founding Director of the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies at National Defense University, and served as External Relations Advisor at the Inter-American Development Bank..



An analysis of RESDAL, claimed in 2014 that precisely these two Central American nations were more invested in security.

A Bolivian is the first woman general in LA commanding combat troops

Much aid, little long-term impact in DRC

But Reque Teran is the first woman in Latin America to directly command combat troops, says Marcela Donadio, an expert who heads the Latin American Security and Defense Network (RESDAL), a Buenos Aires-based think tank.

Aid agencies have sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the past two decades. But seeing little long-term impact or prospect of stability, some are now calling for an overhaul of the way aid is delivered in the long-troubled region.

Security: Honduras has one policeman and a half for every thousand inhabitants.

The special series offers a distinctly Brazilian perspective on the past and future opportunities and challenges confronting Haiti 5 years after the worst natural disaster in the country's history

A study by the Security and Defence Network of Latin America (RESDAL), on Public Security Indexes in Central America with data up to 2013, shows in which conditions every country of Central America fights against insecurity"

RESDAL, from Beirut - Armed Clashes in Lebanon

RESDAL participated in a course on gender in CAECOPAZ

Armed Clashes in Lebanon near the Syrian Border: Living with Fear

RESDAL gave a lecture on the importance of adopting a gender perspective in peacekeeping operations

Brazil wants to join the argentine-chilean peace keeping forces "Cruz del Sur"

Latin America must rethink its anti-drug policies

"The fact that Brazil joins this military force contributes to regional integration and the making of a South-American defence identity".

"Repressive policies against drug trafficking would be the main cause of violence experienced in many Latin American countries, as experts argued in a specialised forum in Costa Rica"

Observatorio No. 36 “Defensa,   Seguridad Pública y Ciudadana”

Website's section about defence, public security and democracy - LASA (Latin American Studies Association). Call for contributions

This Section was created at LASA2000 in Miami. Its goals are to coordinate and facilitate contact among members of LASA who are interested in all aspects of defense policy, civil-military relations and security issues in general.


Universidad del


Plan Security for All, launched by Bachelet

Restructuring the armed forces in Ecuador

Everyone needs protection, no matter which municipality they live in", Bachelet declared.

The Minister of Defence, María Fernanda Espinosa, declared that the personnel that will integrate the Armed Forces by 2025 will amount to 34.500. Currently the country has 41.060.

Observatorio No. 31 “Defensa,   Seguridad Pública y Ciudadana”

U.N. says Syria death toll tops 190,000, rights envoy raps world powers


Universidad del


More than 191,000 people were killed in the first three years of Syria's civil war, a U.N. report said

RESDAL at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

RESDAL in Central America

Between June 10th and 13th the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict was held in London, where a RESDAL representative was in attendance as part of the largest event to be held on the subject.

Belize, RESDAL and efforts to combat rising public security challenge.


Guatemala, hosting debates on public security, armed violence and gender



Pobreza y violencia no constituyen una correlación automática, como recuerdan los investigadores Matthew Budd y Marcela Donadio, miembros de la organización Red de Seguridad y Defensa de América Latina, en un artículo que acompaña al informe en Americas Quarterly, la revista de la AS/COA.


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